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Business Lines

ERL provides One Touch Access™ that enables customers to source their diverse requirements, to the extent possible, from a single source. Customers appreciate efficient, effective and integrated solutions that are engineered in a seamless fashion.

ERL's wide-ranging offerings can be classified under the following business lines:

Protection, Control and Automation

  • Protective Relays
  • Control and Protection Systems
  • Automation Products
  • Power System Recorders
  • Phaser Measurement Units
  • Wide Area Monitoring Solutions
  • Substation Automation Systems
    for EHV / HV/MV Substations
  • Network Management ( SCADA / DMS / EMS)
  • Power Distribution Automation for Industries

Measurement and Metering Solutions

  • Energy Meters
    (single and three phase multifunction meters)
  • Smart Meters
  • Metering Solutions (AMR / AMM / AMI)
  • Energy Management Systems for Industries

Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • Air Insulated Vacuum Switchgear
    (open pole) up to 36 KV
  • Air Insulated Vacuum Switchgear
    (embedded pole) up to 36 KV
  • Solid Insulated Vacuum Switchgear
    up to 40.5 KV
  • Ring Main Units up to 24 KV
  • Retrofitting of MV Switchgear
  • Cycloaliphatic CTs and PTs

Turnkey Projects

  • Greenfield Substation Projects
    up to 400 KV
  • Substation Augmentation and
    Modernisation up to 400 KV
  • Rural Electrification Projects

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