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B-PRO 4000 Multi-function Bus Protection Relay (3-Phase)

B-PRO 4000 Multi-function Bus Protection Relay (3 Phase)

The B-PRO 4000 relay provides bus and substation differential protection (low impedance) with CT saturation security, integrated breaker failure, overcurrent protection and SCADA control in a fully integrated protective relay solution. The B-PRO 4000 relay also provides control, automation, metering, monitoring, high capacity for DFR quality fault oscillography, dynamic swing recording and sequence of events logging. The B-PRO 4000 relay is suitable for simple bus applications with up to 6 feeders and 2 differential zones with breaker failure, or 4 feeders and 1 transformer, including separate full transformer differential protection.


  • 6 sets of CT inputs for differential protection (18 currents) using percentage slope characteristic for security on external faults
  • Low impedance design allows different CT ratios for each of the 6 inputs
  • Backup overcurrent and breaker failure for each input current
  • User defined directional control of overcurrent functions for networked lines
  • 3 phase voltage inputs to apply over/under voltage and frequency functions
  • Protection functions include IEEE devices 87B, 27, 59, 60, 81, 87T, 50LS, 50BF, 50/51/67, 50N/51N/67, 46/50/51/67
  • 1 or 2 separate differential zones - bus and transformer or Bus 1 and Bus 2 for multiple buses
  • ProLogic - control logic statements
  • 30 virtual inputs for local or remote control applications

Recording, Monitoring and Metering
  • High quality recording - fault recording (96 samples/cycle), dynamic swing recording (1 sample/cycle), and event logging (1 ms resolution)
  • User selectable option to compress sequence of events every 230 events
  • Storage capacity for up to 75 x 2 second fault records, 150 x 2 minute swing records and up to 150 compressed sequence of event records, or a combination with a maximum of 150 fault, swing and event records.
  • Metering functions for each input connection

Substation Automation - Ethernet ReadyB-PRO screen
  • IEC 61850 Station Bus on dedicated Optical/Copper Ethernet Ports included at no extra cost
  • Enhanced DNP3 SCADA communication protocol including point lists, class support and multiple master station support
  • Modbus SCADA communication protocol
  • IRIG-B port (through BNC connector) for precise time stamping and sample synchronization
  • Serial communication port
  • Optional internal modem

Easy to Use
  • Easy to use, simplified relay setting and record analysis software (Windows® 2000/XP) included
  • Intuitive ASCII-terminal interface provides full local or remote access
  • Use the front panel USB or Ethernet ports to access relay settings and download records

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