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F-PRO 4000 Distribution Protection & Management Relay

F-PRO 4000 Distribution Protection & Management Relay

The F-PRO 4000 provides easy-to-use, state-of-the-art comprehensive feeder management protection, standard ring bus capability, reclosing, demand/trend metering and recording, fault location, SCADA control and metering in a fully integrated protective relay solution.

Protection & Control
Protection functions include IEEE devices 50LS, 50BF, 50/51/67, 50N/51N/67, 46-50/46-51/67, 50G/51G/67, 25/27/59 (25C), 21P, 59, 27, 32(P&Q), 60, 79, 81, and THD

  • Unique Breaker LogicTM functions for breaker failure detection and monitoring
  • Watt, VAR fl ow detectors as well as undervoltage, overvoltage and over/under frequency functions (Freq ROC) to provide protection for issues such as inter-tie protection needs
  • Enhanced user-confi gurable logic – with ProLogic which includes 10 control logic statements
  • 8 setting groups with unique Group Logic Control Statements – full Boolean graphics to create logic for setting groups switching based on a combination of given conditions
Easy to Use
  • Easy-to-use, install, and maintain
  • Easy to order – no complex product codes
  • User-friendly, Windows®-based relay setting and record analysis software
  • Setting software tool – relay specific application
  • On-Line setting tool
  • Flexible programmable logic for building customized schemes with ProLogicTM statements – 24 control logic statements (total of 192 statements)

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