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TR High Speed Tripping Relay
TR High Speed Tripping Relay
XR351 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay
XR351 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay

Type TR high speed tripping relays are a range of voltage operated, multi-contact, attracted-armature relays, complying with the appropriate requirements of IEC 60255. A wide range of models is available to meet the requirements of the electrical power sector.


  • Tripping and auxiliary duties where immunity to capacitance discharge is not required
  • Can be used for applications remote from the initiation signal


  • High speed, positive action
  • Robust design for long, reliable service life
  • Supplied in Epsilon draw-out type case
  • Can be supplied both in E2 and E4 casing


XR351 is an electro-mechanical relay for supervision and monitoring of a trip circuit, during both open and closed CB position, as well as for preclosing supervision. The XR351 has 3 attracted armature elements. It incorporates a time delay on de-energization, to keep the relay in an operated condition, during temporary reduction in the battery voltage.


  • Supervision and ensuring the integrity of the trip circuit of a breaker
  • Continuous supervision, during both, open and closed position of circuit breaker
  • Preclosing supervision to prevent circuit breaker from being closed where the trip relay has not been reset


  • Low burden
  • Consistent positive action
  • Complies with appropriate requirements of IEC 60255
  • Epsilon draw-out case


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