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ERLPhase experts are actively involved in a wide range of industry working groups, standards organizations & conferences. Links to recent technical papers are posted below.

Applicability of Synchrophasor Data for Fault Analysis
(NASPI 2018)

Protection for Sub Synchronous Torsional Interaction Conditions Using an Industrial Sub-harmonic Relay
(Texas A&M 2018)

Sub Harmonic Protection Relay to Detect SSO Conditions Associated with Type-III Windfarms and Series Compensated Transmission Systems
(CIGRE Dublin – 2017)

Development of a VRM of a Microprocessor Based Sub Harmonic Protection Relay
(CIGRE Canada – 2016)

Wide Area Real Time GIC Monitoring using TESLA PMU
(White Paper, released April 2016)

Commissioning Process and Acceptance Test of a Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay
(PAC World Conference – 2015)

Identification of Dominant Low-Frequency Modes in Ring-Down Oscillations Using Multiple Prony Models
(IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution – 2015)

Micro Processor Based Advanced Bus Protection Scheme Using IEC 61850 Process Bus (9-2) Sampled Values
(PAC World Conference, Glasgow, Scotland – 2015)
*similar paper also presented at PACWorld Americas 2014 and awarded best paper at CEPSI 2014

Performance Evaluation of IEC 61850 Process Bus (9-2) Based Distributed Bus Differential Protection Scheme
(CIGRE Canada – 2015)

High-Speed Decimal Sub Harmonic Estimation Using a Dual Digital Processor Implementation
(CIGRE Canada – 2015)

Series Compensated Transmission Line Protection Using Distance Relays
(PACWorld Americas - 2014)
*similar paper also presented at PACWorld 2013, WPRC 2012 and CIGRE ERIAC 2013

Sub-Harmonic Protection Application for Interconnections of Series Compensated Lines and Wind Farms
(PAC World Conference – 2013)
*similar paper also presented at WPRC 2012

Accurate Fault Location Estimation in Transmission Lines under High DC-Offset and Sub-Harmonic Conditions
(CIGRE Canada – 2013)

IEC 61850 Interoperability Between Recorders and Relays
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference – 2013)
*similar paper also presented at DistribuTECH 2013 and CIGRE ERIAC 2013

Calculating Loadability of Distance Relays
(MIPSYCON – 2012)

Enhanced Distance Protection for Series Compensated Transmission Lines
(CEPSI - 2014)

Evaluation of Steady-State and Dynamic Performance of a Synchronized PMU
(IEEE Electrical Power & Energy Conference - 2012)

Dynamic Performance Evaluation and Testing of PMU per IEEE C37.118.1 Standard
(Doble Conference - 2012)

A Microprocessor-Based Sub-Harmonic Protection Technique for Wind Farms
(IEEE Electrical Power & Energy Conference - 2011)

Fundamental Principles of Transformer Thermal Loading and Protection
(Western Protective Relay Conference - 2010)

Challenges In Smart Meter Design
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Effective Utilization of PMU
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Secured Busbar Differential Protection Using a Computationally Efficient Dot Product Technique
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Considerations and Methods for an Effective Fast Bus Transfer System
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Universal Computing System: "A Black Box" For Future Protection and Automation
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Records from DFRs vs. Records from Microprocessor-Based Relays
(IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Latin America - 2010)
(656 KB)

A Guide to Digital Fault Recording Event Analysis
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2010)
(3.6 MB)

Fundamental Principles Of Transformer Thermal Loading And Protection
(Texas A&M Conference - 2010)
(3.26 MB)

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Communication Experience in a Utility Environment
(CIGRE Conference - 2008)
(729 KB)

A Novel CT Saturation Detection Algorithm for Bus Differential Protection
(CIGRE Conference - Nov 21-23, 2007)
(115 KB)

Calibration and Testing of TESLA PMU Using Doble F6150
(324 KB)

Challeges of Testing PMUs and Disturbance Fault Recorders
(Doble Conference - 2007)
(186 KB)

Performance-Calibration and Testing of DFRs and PMUs
(CIGRE Conference - 2007)
(551 KB)

Software Tools for Record Fault Analysis in Power Systems
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2007)
(986 KB)

An Examination of Possible Criteria for Triggering Swing Recording in Disturbance Recorders
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2005)
(1 MB)

Using a Multiple Analog Distance Relay as a mini-DFR
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2005)
(500 KB)

Thermal Overload Protection of Power Transformers – Operating Theory & Practical Experience
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2005)
(500 KB)

Benefits of Power Swing Recording
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2004)
(1.1 MB)

Integration of Recording Relays Into Disturbance Analysis
(Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference - 2000)
(18 KB)

A New Relaying Principle for Transformer Overload Protection
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 1998)
(30 KB)

Managing Fault & Disturbance Data
(Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference - 1998)
(76 KB)

Transformer Thermal Overload Protection - What's It All About
(Western Protective Relay Conference - 1998)
(36 KB)

Power Transformer Life Cycle Cost Reduction
(48 KB)

An Efficient Zero-Loss Technique for Data Compression of Long Fault Records
(Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference - 1996)
(46 KB)

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