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RecordBase Central Station

RecordBase Central Station

RecordBase Central Station software provides automated collection, storage and network-wide access to fault/disturbance data produced by ERLPhase recorders and relays. It ensures the data is automatically brought to a secure location, readily available to engineers and technicians for display and analysis.


  • Improved system-wide monitoring with automatic data retrieval
  • Accelerated post-disturbance analysis (search, sort and filter functions)
  • Consistent recording data available in an easy-to-transfer data file format


  • Automated record transfer from devices on a polled call-out schedule or by device initiation
  • Distributed client/server architecture for corporate-wide deployment and accessibility
  • Central cross-triggering of recorders for system-wide dynamic swing recording with cross-triggering zones
  • Integrated record database with search, sort and filter functions
  • Categorized by date/time, device, fault class data, swing class data and record sets
  • Company-wide access to records on existing Windows computers through the corporate LAN
  • Graphical, interactive record display with time-based, phasor, harmonics and impedance analysis tools
  • Record summaries with classification, priority assignment and event lists
  • Status reporting and self-monitoring
  • Graphical and numeric export to support report writing and special analysis
  • Ability to retrieve Continuous Data Recording (CDR) records
  • COMTRADE export with optional channel name overrides, choice of primary or secondary values and C37.232 file-name compliance
  • User-selectable Active or Passive FTP communication for flexible integration into fire-walled network infrastructures
  • Email notifications of record retrieval

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