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TESLA 4000 Power System Recorder with CDR, PMU and IEC 61850 station bus protocol
Model 4000-A

TESLA 4000 (Model 4000-A) Multi-timeframe Power System Recorder

TESLA 4000 is an easy-to-use and cost effective, state-of-the-art, multi-time frame (simultaneous) digital fault recorder. Its integrated Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) functionality streams synchrophasor data for wide area monitoring. Enabled with IEC 61850 protocol, the Model 4000-A has advanced communication capabilities that, together with its powerful recording features, provide the most versatile and complete monitoring of power system health.

With over 1000 user definable triggers, the Model 4000-A creates records simultaneously in 3 time domains (fault (fast), swing (slow) and trend records), and also creates event logs. The CDR creates continuous records without triggers which, together with the fault, swing and trend records, provide wide area visibility of system performance. The Continuous Disturbance Recording (CDR) also creates redundancy in PMU data.

Like all the TESLA 4000 products, the Model 4000-A has 256 virtual inputs to record digital status changes contained in IEC 61850 GOOSE messages, expanding its monitoring capabilities.


  • Complete integrated insight of power system health
  • Performance monitoring of substation IEDs and equipment
  • Over 1000 user settable triggers capture vital information that could be missed by relays in the system
  • Information provided for wide area monitoring (WAMS) and analysis
  • As a PMU, streams up to 36 phasors, 24 analog quantities, and 64 digital statuses simultaneously

Features and benefits

  • Easy-to-use setting and analysis software
  • Advanced communication protocols including IEC 61850 with the following features
    • Ed 2 GOOSE/MMS with certification
    • GOOSE subscription and publishing on any port.
    • Simulation and test mode support
    • Double point status (DPS) data type support.
  • SCADA support with Modbus and enhanced DNP3 communications with up to 4 DNP masters
  • CDR meets NERC PRC-002 DME standards
  • Remote input modules save on costly wiring runs
  • Standard state-of-the-art communications (4 rear ports, 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300 nm multimode optical with ST style connector to accommodate the industry's latest network-based communications)
  • Optional PRP and RSTP network port redundancy (4 rear ports, 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300 nm multimode optical with LC style connector)
  • Ethernet ports with 4 unique MAC addresses that easily accommodate network access security needs
  • Time synchronization via either IRIG-B or via SNTP or PTP protocols
  • Data Quality reported in events and recordings
  • Circular sequence of events report buffer of 1000 events
  • Sampling rate up to 512 s/c apply to all 36 channels
  • Recording of logic channels in fault and swing recordings
  • IEEE C37.118-2014 and IEEE/IEC 60255-118-1-2018 compliant.
  • Swing records with a sampling rate of 1 or 2 s/c
  • Standard storage memory of 16 GB

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