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TESLA 4000 Power System Recorder with CDR, PMU and IEC 61850 process and station bus protocols
Model 4000-SV
Recording for a fully digital substation environment

Now with IEC 61850 Sampled Value support!
TESLA 4000-SV Recorders with IEC 61850 Sampled Values Subscription

Application using IEC 61850 in Digital Substations

  • Lower Installation Cost - quickly exchange data over the station LAN without wiring separate links for each relay
  • Lower Extension Costs - add devices and applications into an existing IEC 61850 system with minimal impact, if any, on existing equipment
  • Lower Integration Costs – to integrate substation data into the enterprise, use same networking technology widely used across the utility

TESLA 4000 provides support for IEC 61850-9-2LE process bus Sampled Values and IEC 61850-8-1 station bus applications. It implements mapping according to IEC 61850 edition 2 logical nodes and data models.

Use the TESLA 4000 to subscribe sampled values streams from merging units. Apply the Model 4000-SV to publish and subscribe to GOOSE messages from protective relays and switchgear. The Model 4000-SV also supports direct streaming of MMS reports to remote clients, eliminating the need for RTUs. The Model 4000-SV supports the top-down or bottom-up engineering process defined in the IEC 61850-6 standard. Such flexibility permits standardization and interoperability of fault and disturbance recording solutions as the industry moves towards fully digital substations.


  • Complete integrated insight of power system health
  • Performance monitoring of substation IEDs and equipment
  • Over 1000 user settable triggers capture vital information that could be missed by relays in the system
  • Information provided for wide area monitoring (WAMS) and analysis
  • As a PMU, streams up to 36 phasors, 24 analog quantities, and 64 digital statuses simultaneously

Specific Benefits of IEC 61850-Based Fault and Disturbance Recording System

  • Savings on costly wiring runs from instrument transformers (located in substation yards) to conventional DFRs located in substation control house
  • Practical elimination of CT saturation by eliminating copper cabling between CTs and DFRs
  • Absence of open CT secondary improves operational safety
  • Ease of commissioning, future modification, and expansion
  • Continuous self-monitoring capability using the IEC 61850 GOOSE repetition mechanism and IEC 61850 Edition 2 LGOS/LSVS logical nodes
  • Interoperability of DFR systems and protective relaying systems using common measurements available from merging units

Features and benefits

  • Easy-to-use setting and analysis software
  • GOOSE subscription and publishing on any port
  • IEC 61850 Edition 2 support
  • Double point status (DPS) data type support
  • CDR meets NERC PRC-002 DME standards
  • Standard state-of-the-art communications (4 rear ports, 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300 nm multimode optical with ST style connector to accommodate the industry's latest network-based communications)
  • Optional PRP and RSTP network port redundancy (4 rear ports, 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300 nm multimode optical with LC style connector)
  • Ethernet ports with unique MAC addresses that easily accommodate network access security needs
  • Time synchronization via either IRIG-B or via SNTP or PTP protocols
  • Circular sequent of events report buffer of 1000 events
  • Sampling rate configurable at 80 or 256 s/c apply to all 36 channels
  • Recording of logic channels in fault and swing recordings
  • IEEE C37.118-2014 and IEEE/IEC 60255-118-1-2018 compliant
  • Swing records with a sampling rate of 1 s/c
  • Standard storage memory of 16 GB

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