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ERLPhase Technical Papers & Presentations

ERLPhase experts are actively involved in a wide range of industry working groups, standards organizations & conferences. Links to recent technical papers are posted below.

Using a Disturbance Monitoring IED When in Transition to a Fully Digital Protection System
(GA Tech 2023)

Detecting Transformer Ferro-Resonance Oscillations with a Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay
(WPRC 2021)

Monitoring of IED 61850 Based Fully Digital Substations – Challenges and Solutions
(PACWorld 2021)

Tutorial on Sub-Synchronous Resonance Protection Applied to Inverter Base Renewables
(Texas A&M 2021)

Tutorial on Sub-Synchronous Resonance Protection Applied to Inverter Based Renewables
(WPRC 2020)

Low Impedance Differential Protection: New Challenges and Advanced Solutions

Low Frequency Oscillations Generated Due to Interaction of Shunt Reactors with a Long Transmission Line
(WPRC 2019)

Operation of a Sub Synchronous Oscillation Protection Relay during Commissioning
(WPRC 2019)

Power Swing Detection and Monitoring using Digital Fault Recorder
(GA Tech 2019)

Solutions for Monitoring GIC Events Using a Digital Fault Recording System
(GA Tech 2019)

Power Swing Detection and Monitoring using Digital Fault Recorders
(RVP-AI 2019)

Case-studies on Use of a DFR in an Aluminum Plant
(GA Tech 2019)

Methods to Detect Transformer Saturation due to Geomagnetic Induced Currents
(Doble 2019)

Protection Solutions for Sub Synchronous Oscillation Conditions
(PAC World 2018)

Applicability of Synchrophasor Data for Fault Analysis
(NASPI 2018)

Protection for Sub Synchronous Torsional Interaction Conditions Using an Industrial Sub-harmonic Relay
(Texas A&M 2018)

Sub Harmonic Protection Relay to Detect SSO Conditions Associated with Type-III Windfarms and Series Compensated Transmission Systems
(CIGRE Dublin – 2017)

Development of a VRM of a Microprocessor Based Sub Harmonic Protection Relay
(CIGRE Canada – 2016)

Wide Area Real Time GIC Monitoring using TESLA PMU
(White Paper, released April 2016)

Commissioning Process and Acceptance Test of a Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay
(PAC World Conference – 2015)

Identification of Dominant Low-Frequency Modes in Ring-Down Oscillations Using Multiple Prony Models
(IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution – 2015)

Micro Processor Based Advanced Bus Protection Scheme Using IEC 61850 Process Bus (9-2) Sampled Values
(PAC World Conference, Glasgow, Scotland – 2015)
*similar paper also presented at PACWorld Americas 2014 and awarded best paper at CEPSI 2014

Performance Evaluation of IEC 61850 Process Bus (9-2) Based Distributed Bus Differential Protection Scheme
(CIGRE Canada – 2015)

High-Speed Decimal Sub Harmonic Estimation Using a Dual Digital Processor Implementation
(CIGRE Canada – 2015)

Series Compensated Transmission Line Protection Using Distance Relays
(PACWorld Americas - 2014)
*similar paper also presented at PACWorld 2013, WPRC 2012 and CIGRE ERIAC 2013

Sub-Harmonic Protection Application for Interconnections of Series Compensated Lines and Wind Farms
(PAC World Conference – 2013)
*similar paper also presented at WPRC 2012

Accurate Fault Location Estimation in Transmission Lines under High DC-Offset and Sub-Harmonic Conditions
(CIGRE Canada – 2013)

IEC 61850 Interoperability Between Recorders and Relays
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference – 2013)
*similar paper also presented at DistribuTECH 2013 and CIGRE ERIAC 2013

Calculating Loadability of Distance Relays
(MIPSYCON – 2012)

Enhanced Distance Protection for Series Compensated Transmission Lines
(CEPSI - 2014)

Evaluation of Steady-State and Dynamic Performance of a Synchronized PMU
(IEEE Electrical Power & Energy Conference - 2012)

Dynamic Performance Evaluation and Testing of PMU per IEEE C37.118.1 Standard
(Doble Conference - 2012)

A Microprocessor-Based Sub-Harmonic Protection Technique for Wind Farms
(IEEE Electrical Power & Energy Conference - 2011)

Fundamental Principles of Transformer Thermal Loading and Protection
(Western Protective Relay Conference - 2010)

Challenges In Smart Meter Design
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Effective Utilization of PMU
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Secured Busbar Differential Protection Using a Computationally Efficient Dot Product Technique
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Considerations and Methods for an Effective Fast Bus Transfer System
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Universal Computing System: "A Black Box" For Future Protection and Automation
(Power System Protection and Automation India - 2010)

Records from DFRs vs. Records from Microprocessor-Based Relays
(IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Latin America - 2010)
(656 KB)

A Guide to Digital Fault Recording Event Analysis
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2010)
(3.6 MB)

Fundamental Principles Of Transformer Thermal Loading And Protection
(Texas A&M Conference - 2010)
(3.26 MB)

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Communication Experience in a Utility Environment
(CIGRE Conference - 2008)
(729 KB)

A Novel CT Saturation Detection Algorithm for Bus Differential Protection
(CIGRE Conference - Nov 21-23, 2007)
(115 KB)

Calibration and Testing of TESLA PMU Using Doble F6150
(324 KB)

Challeges of Testing PMUs and Disturbance Fault Recorders
(Doble Conference - 2007)
(186 KB)

Performance-Calibration and Testing of DFRs and PMUs
(CIGRE Conference - 2007)
(551 KB)

Software Tools for Record Fault Analysis in Power Systems
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2007)
(986 KB)

An Examination of Possible Criteria for Triggering Swing Recording in Disturbance Recorders
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2005)
(1 MB)

Using a Multiple Analog Distance Relay as a mini-DFR
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2005)
(500 KB)

Thermal Overload Protection of Power Transformers – Operating Theory & Practical Experience
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2005)
(500 KB)

Benefits of Power Swing Recording
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 2004)
(1.1 MB)

Integration of Recording Relays Into Disturbance Analysis
(Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference - 2000)
(18 KB)

A New Relaying Principle for Transformer Overload Protection
(Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference - 1998)
(30 KB)

Managing Fault & Disturbance Data
(Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference - 1998)
(76 KB)

Transformer Thermal Overload Protection - What's It All About
(Western Protective Relay Conference - 1998)
(36 KB)

Power Transformer Life Cycle Cost Reduction
(48 KB)

An Efficient Zero-Loss Technique for Data Compression of Long Fault Records
(Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference - 1996)
(46 KB)

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